Town 4, Range 2

A Plan of the Survey made by & under the direction of Augustus Porter upon the Connecticut-Reserve for the Connecticut Land Company in the Year 1796. Showing the Western Reserve divided into sections and the town and city of Cleaveland (Cleveland). Public domain image.

The first deeds to land in Vienna denote the Township as "Town 4, Range 2," representing the nomenclature and the grid system of five-mile-square lots employed in the land survey conducted under General Moses Cleaveland for the Connecticut Land Company in 1796.

Town (or Township) 4 indicates that Vienna lies in the fourth tier of townships north of the southern boundary of the Connecticut Western Reserve. This southern boundary today is marked by Western Reserve Road on the border between Mahoning and Columbiana counties.

Range 2 indicates that Vienna is the second township west of the Pennsylvania state boundary.

The first documented usage of the name Vienna is an entry, dated November 1, 1801, in an account book kept by Titus Brockway, the land agent for the Township's original proprietors Ephraim Root, Timothy Burr, and Uriel Holmes, Jr. Other early documents spell the Township's name as "Viana," perhaps imitating phonetically the spoken version.

Updated 8/13/2020
This entry is adapted from James Bradley, "Our Name," in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 11-13.