Fowler-Vienna Senior Citizens Club

The Fowler-Vienna Senior Citizens Club, originally named the Vienna Senior Citizens Club, was founded on November 13, 1969.

The first meeting of only a handful of attendees was held at the Vienna Volunteer Fire Department. Charter members were Alice Huffman, Bob Adams, Eva Adams, Don Cassidy, Hazel Cassidy, Clandy Atwood, Gladys Atwood, Carl Vestal, Mary Vestal, Pansy Buckley, Ora Tribby, and Virginia Hatfield. The first officers were: Hazel Cassidy, President; Ora Tribby, Secretary; and Pansy Buckley, Treasurer.

Meetings thereafter were held at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church, Vienna Presbyterian Church, and, beginning in 1970, meetings were held at Gibson Hall. (Gibson Hall was located behind the Gibson Insurance Agency on Youngstown-Kingsville Road. See image below for a meeting in the Hall in 1970.)

The Vienna Senior Citizens Club meeting, 1970.Photo from the Vienna Historical Society's collectionDonated by Shirley Marshall

Starting in 1974 meetings were held at the Four Seasons Club House. A newspaper article describing a meeting on September 1975 may be found here.

Meetings have most recently (2018) been held at the Fowler Community Center.

The group celebrates birthdays of members each month and members support each other with cards and flowers when family members were ill or had died. Meetings include entertainment, card playing, board games playing, holiday celebrations, and 50-50 raffles. Holidays are celebrated and field trips are featured. Covered dish dinners were once on the schedule.

In 1994 the group had over 100 members and celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Four Seasons Club House on November 10, 1994.

According to the revised by-laws of 1995, blood pressure measurements would be taken on the first Thursday of the month.

According to minutes from July 2003, dues were increased to $12 per year.

Vienna Senior Citizens Club Revised By-Laws October 11, 1990

The Vienna Senior Citizens club will meet each Thursday for a 12:00 noon lunch and meeting at the club house of the Four Seasons Mobile Home Park. Should the club house be unavailable because of lack of heat, lack of electric power, or such failure, every effort will be made to secure a temporary site.

On the second Thursday of each month birthdays of members occurring in that month will be observed. Birthday carnations donated by Connie Rose of Wood Rose Florist will be provided for active members only.

A member is considered to be active if that member has attended twelve meetings in the preceding year. In the case a new member, after the required three meetings, attend all meetings for six or more meetings, that member will also be considered an active member.

Before becoming a member of the club, a candidate must have attended a minimum of three consecutive club meetings.

On the final Thursday of each month, a covered dish dinner will be served.

There will be no campaigning political speakers invited to speak politically nor will political contributions be solicited. Visiting speakers will be limited to twenty minutes. Questions and answers after the speech will be limited to ten minutes.

The Executive Committee, appointed by the president, will aid in finding candidates or volunteers for all positions.

The following club officers will be elected for a one-year term of office by the club body: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer.

The newly elected President will by appointment fill the following positions: Sunshine Person, Attendance Recording Officer, Trip Coordinator.

In the case of inclement weather canceling Mathews school classes, our club meetings will also be cancelled. In the case of the local funeral of a deceased active member a cruise on a club meeting date, that meeting will be canceled.

In the case of the local funeral of a deceased active member occurs on a club meeting date, that meeting will be cancelled.

Though we usually sit at the same place each week, these will not be assigned chairs or tables. In the case of a debate the first to be seated may have that location for that meeting.

Once a year, near the time of Memorial Day, memorial remembrance for deceased members will be observed. This will be observed in lieu of the event after each death. This will not preclude expressions of grief or loss at time of death.

(By-laws signed by John Engstrom, Lucille Oaks, Shirley Marshall, Stanley Beaver)

Past Presidents
Hazel Cassidy (November 13, 1969-January 1972)
Lucy Higgs (January 1972-October 1972)
Helen Irwin (October 1972-October 1974)
Agnes Mapes (October 1974-October 1976)
John Bone (October 1976-October 1978)
Mary Catchpole (October 1978-October 1980)
Stanley Beaver (October 1980-October 1982)
Bea Scanlon (October 1982-October 1984)
Edgar Mealy (October 1984-October 1986)
Charlotte Granelly (October 1986-February 1987)
Betty Boyd (February 1987-December 1988)
Betty Ross (January 1989-January 1990)
Norma Mealy (January 1990-December 1991)
Gladys Burgandine (January 1992-December 1992)
Shirley Marshall (January 1993-January 1995)
Gladys Burgandine (1995)
Mary Gwenn Viets (1996)
Ruth Myers (1997-1998)
Wilburt Law (1999-2000)
Ruth Myers (2000)
Jean Luoma (2001)
Charlotte Granelly (2002-2006)
Donna Schieffer (2007)
Walter Trumbull (2008-2011)
Charles Williams (2013-2020)

The name of the group was eventually changed to Fowler-Vienna Senior Citizens Club and included Fowler senior citizens.

As of 2018 there were no yearly dues and Fowler and Vienna residents age 55 and over are encouraged to attend. At the time the Club met every Thursday at the Fowler Community Center at 9:30 am. They played cards and had a 50-50 raffle. The second Thursday of the month they celebrated birthdays and anniversaries. The fourth Thursday they went out to eat.

According to past president Shirley Marshall, the Fowler-Vienna Senior Citizens Club folded at the end of December 2020. Lack of new members and low participation due to the COVID-19 pandemic were contributing factors.

Contributor: Christine Novicky

Updated 4/26/2021