Young Agriculturalists Advisory Council

The Young Agriculturists Advisory Council is part of the history of agriculture in Vienna Township. The Council was organized in January 1939, under the leadership of Reverend Ellis Cowling, education director of the Trumbull County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association, Inc. The first meeting was held in Vienna at the home of William and Margaret Mealy, in their then-newly built garage.

Charter members of the Council were Garland and Jane Alderman, Russell and Alice Banner, Henry MacLellen, Gordon and Julie Parkhurst, Elmer and Ann Stein, and the Mealys. Later that year the group was enlarged by the addition of members Duane Butler, Evelyn Kibler, Edgar Mealy, Norma Rosser, Mason McConnell, and Floyd and Barbara Summers. They were joined in 1940 by Ralph Butler, Ruth Beachler, Nathan Lynn, Edna Mealy, Hayes and Violet Herschler, Winford and Marcille Suter, Walter and Hilda Allen, Fred and Nancy Engler, Clayton and Frances Keir, Harold and Joy Creed, Richard and Louise Smith, and Donald Crew.

These early members were dairymen, orchardists, gardeners, teachers, and agricultural employees.

In 1950, Evelyn Crew, Marjorie McLellen, Louis and Dorothy Bertok, Dale and Ruth Parker, Wayne and Florence Powell, Philip and Marjorie Powell, Branson and Joyce Smith, and Clarence and Ruth Thompson joined the Council.

Discussion material is provided by the State Farm Bureau. Meetings are held in members' homes with lively discussion and good times with great lunches. Members of the Council in 1999 were Alice Bonner, Evelyn Butler, Edgar and Norma Mealy, Dale and Ruth Parker, John and Betty Parker, Richard and Louise Smith, Robert and Genie Ulp, and Jerry and Francis Wildman.

Updated 8/13/2020
This article is adapted from Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), p. 61.
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