Andrews, Daniel


Birth: June 21, 1774, Burlington, Connecticut
Death: March 18, 1854, Howland, Trumbull County, Ohio
Burial: Howland Township Cemetery, Howland, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Published Biography

From Alfred Andrews, Genealogical History of John and Mary Andrews, Who Settled in Farmington, Conn., 1640: Embracing Their Descendants to 1872; With an Introduction of Miscellaneous Names of Andrews, With Their Progenitors as Far as Known; To Which Is Added A List of Some of the Authors, Clergymen, Physicians, and Soldiers of the Name (Chicago, Ill.: A. H. Andrews & Co., and Hartford, Conn.: Case, Lockwood & Brainard, 1872), pp. 220-221:

Daniel Andrews, son of Samuel, of Newington and Burlington [Connecticut], and his wife, Mary Johnson, born 21st June, 1774, married, in 1800, Polly Hotchkiss, daughter of Samuel, and his wife, Rachel Upson, all of Burlington, Conn.; born 22d August, 1774, at Burlington, Conn. He was a farmer, and located, in 1815, at Vienna, Ohio. He is named in his father’s will, and had a portion of his estate. He died 18th March, 1854, aged 79 years, 8 months, 27 days. His widow Polly, died 28th August, 1855, aged 81 years, 8 days. They both died at Howland, Ohio, to which place they removed late in life.


Lucy Ann, born 12th February, 1801, married 19th October, 1820, Julius Baldwin, a farmer.
Upson, born 11th July, 1803, married 10th October, 1832, Alvira Spencer, of Burlington, Conn.
Sabra, born 16th February, 1806, married 2d September, 1825, Alfred Wheeler, of Paynes Corners.
Miranda, born 4th October, 1808 marred Allen Humason, a farmer.
Samuel, born 15th August, 1812, married 16th November, 1835, Lovina Hutchins, of Hartford, Ohio.
Rachel, born 20th January, 1813, married, November, 1837, Eben Brown, a farmer.
Francis N., born 28th June, 1818, married 22d October, 1840, Ann King; second married Esther Kennedy.
Austin, born 16th September, 1823, married 10th September, 1846, Eliza Waters, born 20th March, 1831.

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