Chamberlin, William

War of 1812 Veteran

Birth: October 16, 1772, Hunterdon County, New Jersey
Death: March 19, 1851
Burial: Vienna Township Cemetery, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Military Service: Little of the military service of William Chamberlin at this writing. Three men by this name are listed in the official rosters of War of 1812 soldiers, each serving in different regiments in New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

What we thus far know does not clarify Chamberlin's service. The roster of the New Jersey militia in 1792 lists William Chamberlin as living in Alexandria Township.[1]

On June 10, 1793, William Chamberlin married Elizabeth (Betsey) Duckworth (1772-1859), in New York City, New York.

The 1850 Federal Census lists the Chamberlins as living in Vienna Township.

Updated 8/13/2020
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