Ducota, David


Birth: July 17, 1849, near Paris, France
Death: ?

Published Biography

From Harriet Taylor Upton, A Twentieth Century History of Trumbull County, Ohio, A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), Volume 2, pp. 255-256:

DAVID DUCOTA, whose farm home is situated within the confines of Vienna township in Trumbull county, was born near the city of Paris, France, July 17, 1849, and in that country also his parents, Frank and Tudoe (Jones) Ducota, were born, lived and died, the father dying in 1871 and the mother in 1880. In their family were but two children, David and his sister Mary.

David Ducota attended school in France and gained a fair education in the French language, but he could not speak a word of English correctly when he arrived on American shores. He had been reared to farm life and continued to follow agricultural pursuits in his native land until he was thirty-two years of age. With visions of the new world before him he then came to the United States, as do many of the liberty-loving and progressive people of other countries, and locating first at Girard, Ohio, he was employed in the Churchill mines near that city for about ten years. Going then to Vienna he purchased a home there, but after five years left that city to work in the McCartney mines. In 1893 he sold his house and lot in Vienna and purchased the fifty-two and one-half acre farm where he now lives. He follows a general line of farming and markets his produce at Youngstown.

When Mr. Ducota came to Ohio his sister was residing here, but she returned to France soon afterward, and he has never seen her since that time. On landing in this country he had a capital of forty dollars, and all that he now possesses he has made by dint of his own industry, assisted by none save his good wife.

He was happily married November 11, 1873, to Liddie Peggie, who was born in France, near Paris, April 15, 1852m a daughter of Frank and Geneve Peggie, who were born and who died in that country. The children born of this union are: Guss, who married Lizzie Stumph, by whom he has two children, John and Hazel, and the family reside on the home farm; Martha, deceased; Marie, who married Thomas James, a farmer in Liberty township, Trumbull county, and they have one child, Floyd; and Harmon, Joseph and Anna, all at home with their parents. Mr. Ducota is a devout Roman Catholic, and in politics is an independent voter, supporting the men whom he thinks will best represent the masses. He is a notable example of what is offered in free America to one who comes from a far away foreign land and has the desire and determination to accomplish something for himself in life.

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