Greenwood, Leando


Birth: 1832, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
Death: 1895
Burial: Vienna Township Cemetery, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Published Biography

Excerpted from a sketch on Henry Greenwood in Harriet Taylor Upton, A Twentieth Century History of Trumbull County, Ohio, A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), Volume 2, p. 83:

Born on the homestead in Vienna township, Leando Greenwood spent his entire sixty-five years of earthly life in Trumbull county, during his active career being employed in agricultural pursuits in Vienna and Bazetta townships. His wife, whose maiden name was Lydia Abel, was born in Bazetta township, of which her father, Roswell Abel, was one of the original settlers, coming here from Connecticut with his parents in 1817, when he was seventeen years old. The settlers were then few and far between, the only buildings in the present town of Warren being then three log houses. Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, was the nearest market for supplies, and the people hereabouts depended upon the productions of their land, or on wild game, for their subsistence. The clothing worn was all home made, the cloth from which the garments were made being spun and woven by the hard working pioneer women of the family, who surely had as much to contend with as the sturdier sex. Of the union of Leando and Lydia Greenwood there were three sons, namely: D. Wayne, of Girard, Ohio; Henry …; and Frederick, of Youngstown, Ohio.

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