Hasson, Odelbert B.


Birth: September 22, 1855, Venango County, Pennsylvania
Death: December 27, 1928, Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania
Burial: Vienna Township Cemetery, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Odelbert B. Hasson was a farmer and veterinarian in Vienna Township. After the death of his wife Kate Rogers Andrews in 1926, he moved to Franklin, Pennsylvania.

Published Biography

From Harriet Taylor Upton, A Twentieth Century History of Trumbull County, Ohio, A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), Volume 2, pp. 268-269:

O. B. Hasson, a farmer of Vienna township, Trumbull county, is a native of Venango county, Pennsylvania, born September 22, 1855, a son of John and Clara (Wright) Hasson. His father was born in Venango about 1825 and the mother in New York state, some years later; she died at the age of thirty-four years in 1869.

The grandfather, John Lindsay Hasson, was a native of Westmoreland county, Pennsylvania, and came with his parents to Venango county when a small boy. He frequently pushed boats up the Allegheny river by means of a pole. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, and later became a farmer in Venango county, continuing until his death. His son purchased the old homestead farm and there he resided until his death, July 6, 1898. The grandmother’s name on the maternal side was Duffield. She was of Irish descent and died on the old homestead in Pennsylvania.

O. B. Hasson attended school at Canal two terms and remained at home with his people until twenty-one years of age, then learned the trade of making iron suckers at Bradford, Pennsylvania, and was variously employed by others until twenty-seven years old, at which time he married and commenced farming in Vienna township, continuing on a farm north of the center until 1903, when he sold there and bought fifty acres of land where he now resides. In 1900 Mr. Hasson went to the famous Klondyke gold mining district and followed mining. He was on the dividing mountain between the Behring sea and the Arctic ocean and washed out gold on the beach. He now possesses a ring which he had fashioned from gold taken for his last day’s “wash” while mining there. He was more fortunate at mining than many another man who went to that far away country in search of gold. His mining partner and himself had a narrow escape from freezing to death and would not have returned so soon but for sickness. He was among icebergs seventeen days, and did not see water in that time, these icebergs being as high as thirty feet above the water level and ice itself thirty feet thick. The winter he came back from mining he remained in Youngstown all winter. In the spring he returned to his farm, which he sold later and moved to the place he now occupies, and where he does general farming and raises considerable stock.

Mr. Hasson was married December 26, 1883, to Mrs. Kate Andrews, born in Vienna township, this county, March 20, 1853, a daughter of Gad and Lucy (Rogers) Andrews, both born in Vienna township, he on April 22, 1822, and the mother October 24, 1831. The paternal grandparents of Mrs. Hasson were natives of Connecticut and died of yellow fever when her father was but six years of age. Their deaths occurred on the Ohio River and Mrs. Hasson’s father was the only survivor of the family. He was a farmer, though he did not conduct his farm himself, but drove cattle to the eastern markets for many years, continuing until death, which occurred October 6, 1877. His wife died January 21, 1892.

The grandfather, Joseph Rogers, was also from Connecticut and came to Ohio when yet a young man. He was a tanner and shoemaker by trade and at first located where now stands the city of Youngstown. He spent a short time there and went to Vienna, where he followed his trade until his marriage, then kept a hotel several years, but later became a farmer. Becoming blind, he resided with his son the latter years of his life, living to the advanced age of ninety-four years.

Mr. and Mrs. O. B. Hasson have no children. Previous to her marriage to Mr. Hasson his wife had been married to Frank Andrews on August 5, 1873. By this union there was one child, Daisy, born March 1, 1875; she married George McCrum and they reside in Kansas City and have one child, Donna, born December 17, 1893.

February 12, 1908, Mr. Hasson graduated as a veterinary dentist from the Veterinary College at Detroit, Michigan, and this profession he expects to follow thereafter. He is in the true sense of the term a “self-made man.” Politically, he is a Republican. The only order to which he belongs is the Maccabees, at Vienna. He is a member of the Baptist Church.

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