Lewis, Abraham & Levi Lewis

Abraham Lewis: Early Settler, Clock Industry

Birth: 1782, Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut
Death: 1844, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
Burial: Vienna Township Cemetery, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Levi Lewis: Early Settler, Clock Industry

Birth: Bristol, Hartford County, Connecticut
Death: ?
Burial: ?

Brothers Abraham and Levi Lewis are known to have been part of the local wooden works clock industry. While still living in Bristol, Connecticut, Levi Lewis purchased a clock manufactory in May of 1809. The facility produced 1,500 clock movements before he sold the business the following year. The two brothers moved to Vienna in 1812. By 1816, Levi Lewis built and ran a clock factory was on Abraham Lewis's land in Vienna, using Little Yankee Creek for water power. The business operated from about 1815-1827 or 1828.

Little is known about Levi Lewis. He left a wife and children back in Connecticut and gained a wife in Ohio and had a daughter. He briefly owned land in the area and was known to have boarded with his sister. He disappeared from records in about 1825.

Note that the Lewis brothers were no relation to Lambert W., Wheeler, Charles, Garry Lewis, or Thomas Lewis. [1]

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Updated 9/30/2020
Entry adapted from Rogers, Rebecca M. Trumbull County Clock Industry, 1812-1825. Dayton, OH: Sterling Graphics, 1992. Updated and original footnotes included in The Cog Counter's Journal, No. 37, Summer 2015, pp. 33-57.
[1] Information contributed by Bruce Paulson, relative of Thomas Lewis.