Mackey, Allison H.


Birth: February 18, 1833, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
Death: October 13, 1911, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
Burial: Vienna Township Cemetery, Vienna, Trumbull County, Ohio
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Published Biography

From Harriet Taylor Upton, A Twentieth Century History of Trumbull County, Ohio, A Narrative Account of its Historical Progress, Its People, and Its Principal Interests (Chicago: Lewis Publishing Company, 1909), Volume 2, p. 260:

ALLISON H. MACKEY, whose farm home is situated within the bounds of Vienna township, Trumbull county, was born February 18, 1833, on the farm upon which he now resides, a son of Andrew and Jane (Scott) Mackey. Of his parentage it may be said that his father was born in Bucks county, Pennsylvania, about 1779, and the mother was born in Chester county, of that state, in 1792. The grandparents, both paternal and maternal, came from Ireland and first settled in Pennsylvania, but subsequently went to Ohio in 1805. The grandfather Andrew, located about one mile south from Vienna in 1810. Later he sold and settled on the farm now occupied by Allison H. The grandfather died here, October 20, 1820, and the grandmother in September, 1817. Andrew, the father, continued to live on the home farm until his death. His farm consisted of eighty acres as a homestead, originally, but to which he added until at his death he owned three hundred acres. The year of his death was 1859, and his wife died in 1875. This couple had seven children; Allison H., of this notice, being the youngest of the family.

Mr. Mackey is unmarried and his niece (a daughter of his brother James), is a trained nurse and looks after the household duties for him, as he spends his winters in the south and west, in Colorado, Idaho and California. In political views, Mr. Mackey is in accord with the teachings of the Republican party, but has never aspired to office. Mr. Mackey remained with his parents until his death, since which time he has occupied the old homestead, to which he has added some of the improvements, the major part, however, were made by his father. The place is now cut down to one hundred acres, the balance having been sold off, because of the perpetual annoyance of securing proper help to operate the place. At one time Mr. Mackey raised much corn and wheat on his farm.

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Portrait from Atlas and Directory of Trumbull County, Ohio, The American Atlas Company, 1899, p. 197.