Barn Quilts

The Trumbull County Barn Quilt Trail is a community organized trail that features quilt blocks displayed on barns and other outbuildings around the countryside of Trumbull County. The idea for the barn quilt trail came about when Kinsman residents Harold and Betty Babb gave presentations to local history groups about the Ashtabula County Barn Quilt Trail with the hopes of kickstarting a trail in Trumbull County. They attended a Vienna Historical Society meeting in 2017 to drum up interest for barn quilts in Vienna Township. As a result, two barn quilts in Vienna Township have been added to the trail.

Carpenter's Wheel Quilt:

The Carpenter's Wheel Quilt is located at 1060 Niles-Vienna Road at the residence of Arlene Fischer. The quilt, a carpenter's wheel design, was painted on 4' x 4' plywood by Melissa Fenton. This particular pattern was chosen as a tribute to Arlene's late husband, William Fischer Sr., as he was a carpenter by trade. The quilt was placed on the family's barn circa 2015, before the existence of the Trumbull County Barn Quilt Trail. It was officially added as the sixth quilt on the Trumbull County Barn Quilt Trail in 2018.

Carpenter's Wheel in 2020

Vienna History Quilt:

Vienna Township's second barn quilt was dedicated on October 14, 2019 during the annual Chili Cook-Off. The barn quilt is located on the township’s maintenance building at 835 Youngstown-Kingsville Road and depicts the history of the township. The quilt is made up of four pictures; a clock, a dairy cow, a C-130 aircraft, and coal miner picks. It is composed of four 4 x 4 foot wooden squares assembled to an 8 x 8 foot piece.

This barn quilt was a community effort to promote tourism as well as the history of the township. Vienna Township Trustee Phil Pegg coordinated the project on behalf of the Vienna Historical Society and Vienna Township. Resident Raymond Cline drafted the outline of the blocks and Mathews High School alumni Carli Pratt and John Smith chose the forms, colors, and patterns. Gary Tabor, a local quilt block designer and painter, finalized the design and painted the barn quilt. It was officially added as the eighth quilt on the Trumbull County Barn Quilt Trail in 2019.

Vienna History Quilt in 2021
Vienna History Quilt in 2019
Updated 1/09/2021
"Vienna unveils new barn quilt after cook-off," Tribune Chronicle, October 15, 2019.
Information on the Carpenter's Wheel quilt contributed by Arlene Fischer and Betty Babb.
Photos contributed by Christine Novicky.