Crown Hill Burial Park

Crown Hill Burial Park, located at 3966 Warren-Sharon Road, was founded by Tunis C. Selby I. The first burial occurred on October 22, 1928. Interred was 5 year-old Raymond Newell (Find a Grave Memorial) who died on October 18, 1928 as a result of an accident. Tunis C. Selby operated the Park until the early 1950's. Tunis Selby II next operated the Park while founding and operated the Crown Hill Monument Company. Tunis C. Selby II continued management of both companies until the early 1970's. Susan Meermans next became the president of both entities and oversaw operations.

Susan passed the operation of the Burial Park to her son, Edward Selby, and the monument company was passed to her other son Tunis C. Selby III, in 1978. In 1988 Ed and Tunis C. Selby III founded the Selby-Cole Funeral Home.

Jim Cole, a licensed funeral director and embalmer, became associated with the funeral home at a later date. Tunis III began his own monument company: Crown Hill Monument Company in Warren, Ohio. Ed became a sales counselor with Service Corporation International of Houston, Texas, after the funeral home was purchased.

Crown Hill Burial Park Advertisement, 1980The Ohio Historical Review featuring Trumbull County, Volume 9, Number 9, page 24.

In 1995 they sold the operation to Service Corporation International, out of Houston, Texas. SCI sold the business to John R. (Bob) Moses in April 2003. Mr. Moses passed away in December of 2015, and his wife, Barbara Moses, took over reins as the President and CEO of Lord & Moses, LLC, which is comprised of Crown Hill Burial Park and Selby-Fox Funeral Home in Vienna, Ohio and Evergreen Memory Gardens in Lexington, Kentucky.

The Burial Park has nearly 300 interments/entombments per year. The funeral home conducts over fifty funeral services annually. As of 2020, there were approximately 25,000 property owners and approximately 21,000 burials. The Park has two community type mausoleums, with all outside crypts, and two chapel mausoleums with both inside and outside crypts. The park covers 121 acres and 60 are not yet developed.

You may notice headstones with dates prior to 1928 in the park. Some folks were later moved from other cemeteries to Crown Hill Burial Park where relatives were eventually interred. Another possibility is that the headstones may be cenotaphs, or a monument for someone who is buried elsewhere.

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Tunis C. Selby I is interred in Crown Hill Burial Park. View his Find a Grave memorial.

Updated 7/27/2023
This article is adapted from James E. Cole, "Crown Hill Burial Park," in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 271-272.
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