Cy's Airport Inn

Cy's Airport Inn was located at 1749 Youngstown-Kingsville Road NE, just north of Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport. The restaurant was established in 1940 by members of the Felice and Infante families.

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In 1940, Lucy and Pompey Felice, and Fannie and Michael Infante,[1] purchased land from Cliff and Irene Daubenmire. Erected on this site was a small two-room building and two gas pumps. This lunch stand also offered candy, ice cream, soft drinks, and beer.

At this time Vienna was considered "in the country." The Felices, who bought out the Infantes in 1941, catered to local farmers. Customers said that "Pompey" was not a farmer's name, so they nicknamed him "Cy."

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In the early 1950s a large kitchen and dining room were added to the building. Italian food was the house specialty and the Friday menu always included a fish fry.

The Felices sold the restaurant in 1969. Patrick H. Vennetti also owned and operated the business for more than 20 years. Several changes of ownership later, the business became known as the Diggins Family Restaurant. The business was closed in March 2006.[2] The building was razed in 2013. The property was eventually acquired by the Western Reserve Port Authority.

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Updated 5/24/2022
This article is adapted from Vienna, Ohio, Where We Live and Let Live: Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), p. 262.
[1] Pompey Felice and Fannie Infante were brother and sister.
[2] The Neighborhood Watch meeting minutes from March 13, 2006 mention that the restaurant was temporarily "closed" due to a septic issue, but it never reopened. Photos contributed by Christine Novicky.