Lay's 5 and 10

Lay's 5 and 10, also referred to as Lay's Five and Dime, was a general store operated by Norman Lay and his wife Vera. The store opened in 1954 and was located at 4494 Warren-Sharon Road.

Lay's 5 and 10 advertisement.Source: Viennese 59

Items sold at the store included clothing, shoes, school supplies, toys, greeting cards, and kitchen supplies. Karen (Lay) Rappach, daughter of Norman and Vera Lay, described the store as having "a little bit of everything."

Lay's 5 and 10 storefront in 1969.Source: Memory 69

A few of the employees at Lay's 5 and 10 were Karen Rappach, Ila Huff (Mrs. Lay's sister) of Hubbard, Alda Gibson of Vienna, and Betty Miller of Vienna.

Lay's 5 and 10 in 1958.Source: Viennese 58

After Mr. Lay retired, he sold the store circa 1970 to Ed and Loretta Scott and moved to Florida.

Currently occupying the building are Jardine Enterprises and Midwest Industrial Contract Services.

Lay's 5 & 10 business card.From the Vienna Historical Society's collection.Donated by Karen (Lay) Rappach.

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