Penza is the historic place name for a post village[1] centered around the intersection of Warner Road and Everett-East Road, on the boundary line between Vienna Township and Liberty Township to the south. Penza was in Liberty Township.

The site of Mahoning No. 9 coal mine, the town had a one-room schoolhouse and post office. The town opened in 1884. The post office was closed officially on March 1, 1903.

In 1906 the population of Penza was 200.[2]

[1] A "post village" means postal service was offered.
[2] Heilprin, Angelo, and Heilprin, eds. Geographical Dictionary of the World In the Early Twentieth Century With a Pronouncing Gazetteer, Part Two: M to Z (New Delhi, India: Logos Press, 1990), p. 1426. This work was originally published in 1906.