Philips Market

In 1933, John F. Philips moved to Vienna from Youngstown and opened the Philips Market. It was also referred to as Philips Farm Market and later Philips Super Market.

Philips Market was located on the south side of "Old 82" or Warren-Sharon Road, west of Vienna Center.

John F. Philips retired from the store in 1962. His son, Robert E. Philips, worked in in the store for many years and eventually owned and operated the family business.

Roy Williams, future owner of Williams Valu-King, got his start as a butcher at Philips Market.

The business changed hands to the Baer family and became Baer's Golden Dawn.

The structure still stands in Vienna Center. Its present day location is the green building directly west of the AmVets parking lot.

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Advertisement for the butcher inside Philips Market.Suburban Reporter, July 6, 1961
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Updated 1/27/2021