Scott's General Store

Scott's General Store was owned and operated by Charles "Sam" R. Scott, Sr. and wife Gertrude (Governor) Scott from 1933 until 1956. The store was also referred to as Scott's Grocery and Scott's Cash Store.

The original storefront of Scott's General Store.Photo courtesy of Shirley Scott Selbe
Gertrude Scott, store proprietor, holding daughter Shirley Scott in front of the remodeled storefront, circa 1943.
Photo courtesy of Shirley Scott Selbe

Scott's General Store was located on the north side of Warren-Sharon Road, east of the Hull House, in between George Wilson's Television store and Shoff's Store. The present day site would be in the vicinity of the Dollar General store building.

The general store occupied the first floor of the building, and the Scotts and their four children lived on the second floor.

L to R: Ella (Daras) Tidd, Marie Mathews (wife of Ithel F. Mathews), Charles "Sam" ScottPhoto courtesy of Shirley Scott Selbe

Relative Donald Scott recalls in 2018:

I remember being with dad when I was a youngster going to Scott's Store to buy groceries. Dad did the food buying from his cousin. Sam and my father enjoyed each other's company and would constantly kid each other. Sam would cut the meat, wrap it in a sturdy red paper, and bind it with a strong string. Dad particularly enjoyed the perpetual badgering between Sam, who cut the meat in the back of the store, and "Gert," who collected the cash (and ration stamps) up front. I always thought it was a fun place. They were always first to use customer self-service and sometimes Gert would give me free candy.

Scott's General Store advertisement, 1934Image courtesy of Shirley Scott Selbe

Sam and Gertrude Scott also acquired acreage on Ridge Road in Vienna and eventually opened Scott's Mobile Home Park, which still exists today.

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Contributor: Christine Novicky

Updated 5/24/2022
NOTE: Before Charles Scott purchased the store it was previously "The McElrath Store" according to an undated Youngstown Telegram newspaper article.