Tara Antiques

Tara Antiques was a general store and antique shop run by Miss Mary Shaffer in Vienna.  While the exact dates that the shop operated are unknown, it was at least known to be in existence in 1972 according to a letter found that was mailed to the store's address on Warren-Sharon Road, Vienna.

The store was in an unattached building on the property west of her home on Warren-Sharon Road.

The shop was named after the property in the movie, "Gone with the Wind," one of Mary Shaffer's favorite movies. 

The atmosphere in the store was that of a 19th century general store.  Mary Shaffer explains, "The general store was a common sight in earlier days and I've tried to recapture this atmosphere as I stocked my antiques and installed the store's fixtures.  All of the items were gathered within a 40-mile radius, so we can be certain that they are representative of things in use when the general store was common."  Most of her items for sale at the store were purchased from auctions and estate sales.

The door to the shop was salvaged from the office of a physician from Vienna who died in the 1920s.  The door's original finish was restored and the wavy glass was preserved in the door's window.

Besides being an antique enthusiast and history buff, Mary Shaffer was a registered nurse at Northside Hospital in Youngstown, limiting her shop hours.  A sign on the door of the store read, "Open by chance or appointment, usually evenings."

It is not known exactly when the business permanently closed but an advertisement was found in 2003.

Tara Antiques Advertisement, 2003Trumbull County Heritage Festival Program, September 20-21, 2003

The Final Cut Barber Shop currently occupies the building where the former Tara Antiques shop was located, at 4340 Warren-Sharon Road.

The former Tara Antiques building, May 2020.Image courtesy of Christine Novicky
"Tara Antiques" signage still remains on the side of the building in May 2020.Image courtesy of Christine Novicky

Mary Shaffer passed away on July 28, 2020.  Click the link for her Find a Grave memorial.

Contributor: Christine Novicky

Updated 7/27/2023
Source: "Tara" is Unique Vienna Antique Shop, Paul Jagnow, Youngstown Vindicator, unknown date.
The shop was listed in the Ashtabula, Trumbull, Mahoning, and Columbiana Counties 1975 Recreation and Tourism in the Crossroads Area of Ohio brochure from 1975.