Vienna House Hotel

The proprietor of the Vienna House, a hotel in Vienna, in 1870 was Edward O. Bartholomew. The establishment offered "first-class accommodations" to travelers.

1870 Vienna House Advertisement1870 Map of the City of Youngstown Mahoning County, Ohio. Youngstown, OH: Charles D. Barclay. Philadelphia: H. B. Stranahan.

The Vienna House was likely located on the southeast corner of Vienna Center according to an 1874 map. The hotel on the northeast corner of the center on the map below was the Temperance House.

1874 Vienna Center Map

By 1899, the site of the former hotel was occupied by "Dr. Rogers Office" according to a 1899 Vienna Township map, which may have been Dr. Buffon Rogers, veterinary surgeon.

Contributor: Christine Novicky

Updated 8/22/2022