Vienna Township Police Department

The Vienna Police Department is currently made up of a police chief and part-time officers.

In 2012, the Vienna Police Department moved to its current location at 856 Youngstown-Kingsville Road. It was previously sharing a space with the Vienna Township Road Department. Renovations for the new police station began in August of 2013.  The construction allotted for an area for the public to make police reports and a larger evidence locker room. The garage was also improved to store four police cruisers while the remaining two in the fleet would be used on the road. [1]

The trustees held a Safety Services Open House on October 3, 2015 to show off the newly renovated police station and fire department, along with a new fire truck.

The officers conduct welfare checks, senior citizen visits, and business checks.

Vienna Police Department Police Chiefs:
Bruce Bequeath
Jerry Bludorn
Ernest Cook
Thomas Altiere
David Ovesny (...2003-2009)
Brian Darbey (2010-2011)
Andy Pecchio (2012-2015)
Bob Ludt (2015 - Present)

Contributor: Christine Novicky

Updated 10/11/2023
[1] "Vienna makes renovation plans for fire, police stations." Tribune Chronicle, August 13, 2013, online edition.