Vienna Township Trustees

Vienna Township is governed by an elected three-member Board of Township Trustees who serve four-year politically non-partisan terms. Terms are staggered so every odd-numbered year two Trustees or a Trustee and the Township Clerk are up for election. This process allows continuity of knowledge among the Trustees and the Township Clerk so that all of their terms do not become vacant for election in the same year.

All Township business is conducted at regularly scheduled meetings or at special meetings with at least 24 hours prior public notice given. All meetings, unless declared executive sessions, are open to the public and residents are invited to attend to bring before their Trustees any matters considered important for public concern.

The Board of Trustees has responsibility for providing and maintaining township roads, cemeteries, township buildings, fire protection, police protection, land use planning and development, enforcement of zoning laws and regulations, and the general health and safety, and welfare of Vienna Township residents.

Regular scheduled meetings are held monthly at 7 PM on the first Monday of the month at the Vienna Township Hall.

List of Vienna Township Trustees  (NOTE: This list is in process.)

Brunswick, A. J.
Brunswick, Paul
Cook, W. F.
Durig, Joseph H.
Garrard, D. W.
Greenwood, A. H.
Hood, C. W.
Hood, J. S.
Huffman, Henry
Mackey, John A.
McCombs, H. C.
Mealy, William
Munson, J. R.
Munson, W. C.
Murberger, J. C.
Miller, George
Norton, E. M.
Ott, Paul
Pelen, W. R.
Scott, L. D.
Scott, Thomas
Scovill, G. E.
Scovill, L. B.
Scovill, W. S.
Taiclet, Eli
Tidd, G. E.
Vinton, A. C.
Webb, J. Lee
Williams, J. F.
Williams, Robert
Woodford, J. W.

1961: John Knox, Aubrey C. Hayes, and Charles Werden
1988: Mark Finamore, Jack Hinely, Glen Wireman
2023: Richard Dascenzo, Phil Pegg, Robert Root

Updated 10/11/2023
Adapted from "Vienna Township, Trumbull County, Ohio: 1998 Community Information Guide."