Veterans of Foreign Wars Vienna Airport, Post 1742

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Vienna Airport, Post 1742 was established in 1953 and disbanded in 1966.

Veterans of the Spanish-American War founded the American Veterans of Foreign Service in Denver, Colorado, in 1899. In 1914, they merged with the National Society of the Army of the Philippines, established by veterans of the Philippine-American War, to form the Veterans of Foreign Wars. This organization was chartered by the United States Congress on May 28, 1936.

The VFW, as it is commonly called, is a nonprofit organization working to better the lives of American veterans, through lobbying efforts, veterans' assistance, and community service.

Establishing VFW Post 1742

Local veterans applied for their charter on March 4, 1953. Upon approval of Trumbull County Council Commander W. W. Frederick and the Department of Ohio Commander Howard M. Cole, the national VFW awarded Vienna Airport Post 1742 with their charter. The muster took place on June 28, 1953. Sixty-three men were charter members.

Post 1742 held monthly meetings at the clubhouse of Belmont Manor Golf Course, located on Youngstown-Kingsville Road in Vienna.

The original officers were:

Commander: Ralph Conor, Vienna
Senior Vice-Commander: Edward Fagan, Youngstown
Junior Vice-Commander: William Johnston, Youngstown
Quartermaster: James Dougherty and Dale Stoops, Vienna
Chaplain: Charles Morris
Surgeon: Frank Ezzo
Patriotic Instructor: Henry Raymond
Advocate: James E. Whishart, Vienna
Officer of the Day: George McCullough, Vienna
Historian: Frank Capatch, Vienna
Sergeant Major: Russ Hull, Vienna
Color Bearers: William F. Conner and Ralph R. Miller, Vienna
Bugler: Robert Burns

Many of the active members were in the Air Force and stationed at the Vienna Air Base.

Community Service

The members of Vienna Airport Post 1742 strove to help the community in whatever means they could. In May 1956 the Post purchased and donated a 1941 Oldsmobile station wagon to the Vienna Township Volunteer Fire Department. This gift was used as the Department's squad car for many years.

Updated 8/13/2020
This article is adapted from Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), p. 194.
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