Dan Kennedy Field

The Dan Kennedy Field, formerly known as the Mathews High School Baseball Field, is located behind Baker Elementary School on Sheridan Drive.

Construction for the Mathews High School Baseball Field was started in July of 1975 and completed in November of 1975. The Athletic Club supplied the labor and monies for the project as an exchange for the school board permitting youth league baseball to use the field every year.

Dan Kennedy was in charge of the construction of the field. The following people also volunteered and dedicated their time on the field's construction: Jeff Cornfield, Gene Daras, Fred Hoskin, Jon Hoskin, Mark Finamore, Jim Kennedy, Roseann Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Jack Kirin, Mike Miller, Frank Miranda, Joe White, and Tim White. They borrowed tractors from John Lallo Sr. and Darrell James Sr. Chuck Hayes Sr. donated the pipe for the backstop and fence. Alex Bertok used equipment from Vienna Lumber to construct and lift the backstop. Bob Rappach helped with the seeding of the outfield.

Images during the field's construction in 1975:

L to R: Dan Kennedy, Jeff Cornfield, Tom Kennedy
Mark Finamore
L to R: Dan Kennedy, Tom Kennedy, Joe White
L to R: Tom Kennedy and Joe White
L to R: Joe White and Fred Hoskin
L to R: Tim White, Jon Hoskin, and Fred Hoskin
Roseann Kennedy

The first baseball game was played on the field in the spring of 1976.

The 1976 Mathews High School boys baseball team.Baker Elementary School is visible in the background.Source: Memory '76

The Mathews High School boys baseball team currently plays and practices on the field. Previously, the team played and practiced at the baseball field behind Mathews High School. Colt and Pony League teams (summer youth baseball teams) have also played and practiced on the field during summer session.

The field was renamed Dan Kennedy Field in 2010 to honor Mathews High School Boys Baseball Head Coach, Dan Kennedy. He was previously a Little League coach and a long-time caretaker of the baseball field he helped to build. At the same time the storage shed and batting cages were named after Sam Rose, who was also a caretaker of the field.

Dan Kennedy passed away in 2021. Click here to view his Find a Grave memorial.

Dan Kennedy Field in 2020.Image contributed by Christine Novicky

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