Dunlap Cemetery

Dunlap Cemetery is so called because it is located on property once owned by the Chauncy Dunlap family. It was originally known as the Johnson Cemetery. Dr. Ransom Johnson originally purchased land in 1812. On September 23, 1896 the property was deeded by Useba Johnson, third wife of Dr. Ransom Johnson, to the Vienna Township Trustees for burial purposes. This historic cemetery contains the remains of Johnson family members, neighbors, and patients.

The first known burial was Tryphena Williams in 1820. The last known burial was Sarah (Kennedy) Southard in 1910. No new burials are permitted.

The cemetery is maintained by Vienna Township. The other Vienna Township-maintained cemeteries are Doud Cemetery and Vienna Township Cemetery.


Please visit Find a Grave for burials and gravestone photos in Dunlap Cemetery.

Dunlap Cemetery interments [1]


Five veterans are known to be buried in this cemetery:

This map shows the locations of veteran graves through World War I in Dunlap Cemetery. [2] Note that the map omits Reuben Williams.


As of September of 2020, all tombstones in this cemetery are being actively cleaned and reset as a fall project. Restoration and preservation efforts are headed by the Vienna Historical Society and the Vienna Township Trustees. Additional Information about this project is available at the Society's website.

Updated 5/12/2021
This entry is adapted from two articles in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999): Carley Cooper O'Neill, "Township Cemeteries," pp. 117-119, and Fred L. Martin and James Bradley, "A Genealogical History of Vienna," pp. 74-75.
[1] Image from Trumbull County, Ohio Cemetery Inscriptions 1800-1930, Ohio Genealogical Society, Trumbull County Chapter (1983), p. 354.
[2] Map was prepared by the Work Projects Administration in the 1930s. The project numbers correlated to a statewide project called the Veterans Graves Registration. The legend includes wars only up to World War I.
Veteran information confirmed with Michael Penrose, Vienna Township Cemetery Sexton, May 2021.