Squaw Creek Farm

Squaw Creek Farm was the business and home of J. Lee Webb [1] and his wife, Lena Rieser, the founders of Webb's Ice Cream. This farm was located on the east side of Youngstown-Kingsville Road, south of Vienna Center. It is now the site of Squaw Creek Country Club.

Advertisement, Vienna Home Day Program, 1932

The Webbs began a dairy business at Kline's Corners (Youngstown-Kingsville and Tibbetts-Wick roads) in Liberty Township. They managed a large retail milk route, encompassing the north side of Youngstown, from this farm, where they produced raw (unpasteurized) milk in glass bottles.

After a few years in business in Liberty, the Webbs moved north to what would become Squaw Creek Farm.

About 1929, while still operating the retail milk route, the Webbs expanded their business by manufacturing their own ice cream, made with their dairy products, fresh fruit, and Dutch cocoa. They sold the ice cream from a stand in front of their house until the late 1930s. The growing ice cream business, the dairy, and the milk route became too demanding. The Webbs sold the farm and built a home and ice cream stand at Seceders Corners (Churchill-Hubbard Road and Logan Way) in Liberty. The ice cream business changed hands several times over the years and was moved to Hubbard in 2020.

Updated 7/27/2023
This article is adapted from Lila Webb Mills' recollections in Vienna, Ohio, "Where We Live and Let Live": Town 4, Range 2 of the Connecticut Western Reserve (Apollo, PA: Closson Press, 1999), pp. 69-70.
[1] J. Lee Webb (FG) was born in Liberty Township in 1915. He and Lena Rieser (FG) married in 1916 and raised two children. Webb was a Vienna Township Trustee for many years and was never defeated in an election.
Additional information about the current Webb's Ice Cream business may be found here: https://www.webbsicecream.com/